Why partnering with Eastern Height Safety will make your workplace safer

Work at any height with complete confidence

Protect your people and secure your site

Eastern Height Safety are highly experienced height safety experts who partner with a number of large clients in Melbourne and around Australia to ensure their employees are protected when working at heights and improving the access to roof areas. 

A range of building types 

We are fully-accredited in providing height safety solutions for all types of buildings and multi-tenancy sites, including:

  • Industrial estates, business parks and large factories

  • Shopping centres, multiplexes and retail strips

  • New apartment buildings and commercial constructions

Our specialist consultants can work closely with building owners, facility managers and construction managers to understand their project needs and deliver the best solutions.

How we do it - our 5 step process

The team at Eastern Height Safety have a highly structured process and well-proven approach for every project. Our 5 step process includes: 


1. On-site assessment meeting with the client to understand project scope and needs

2. Provide a quotation with detailed specifications and project timeline

3. Design height safety systems to meet Australian Standards, OHS regulations and WorkSafe compliance

4. Implementation of height safety systems to meet project specifications

5. Provide a Compliance Certification upon completion of height safety systems

A free quote on your Height Safety project

No matter what type of building you're in charge of, the Eastern Height Safety team are happy to provide a free, no obligation quote for your project. Call 1300-080-067 or email info@easternheightsafety.com.au today.