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Make your workplace safe by partnering with Melbourne's most experienced Height Safety experts.

Eastern Height Safety are accredited experts for all your Height Safety, Fall Prevention and Roof Access needs.


Ensure your work site is 100% safe, meets all Australian Industry Standards and codes of practice, and allows your team to work at any height with confidence.

Our dedicated Melbourne team delivers comprehensive, cutting-edge roof safety systems to meet all your Height Safety, Fall Prevention and Roof Access needs.


Why choose Eastern Height Safety for your next Melbourne project?


15 years



Fast, affordable solutions


Fully-accredited experts



projects delivered

Customised & affordable height safety solutions for all building types

We partner with leading Industrial, Construction, Commercial and Retail businesses to help design and install industry-leading safety systems to improve roof accessibility and minimise potential hazards.


Our height specialists assess every project with forensic attention to detail and provide a customised, cost-effective solution so all your height safety requirements are looked after.

With a growing team of industry experts, we are able to deliver modern and highly durable safety systems.


Our Partners

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Need help with your next Height Safety project?
Easily book your free on-site Height Safety quote by contacting our team below, or get in touch on 1300-080-067

Eastern Heights Safety will be in touch shortly.

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We can install a large range of walkways and guardrails in both aluminum and fibre glass to suit any industrial, commercial or residential project.


We are industry leaders when it comes to all your fall arrest, anchor points, abseil design and install requirements., using state-of-the-art height systems. 


The perfect supplier to help with all your roof access needs across Melbourne, including vertical, wall mount, cages and step ladders and stairway access. 


Our highly-trained, expert team can carry out all on site audits and recertification on all roof access systems to meet Australian Standards.

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How will Eastern Height Safety deliver on your roof access needs?

We are one of Melbourne's most trusted roof safety experts, with over 15 years’ experience across a wide range of projects.

Our highly-trained height safety consultants provide industry leading solutions for all your height safety needs.

We work closely with building owners and building managers to ensure every aspect of your height safety needs are covered.

We will happily provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring, including regular audits and re-certification.

We guarantee compliance on every roof, regardless of the size of the job or the height your workers are operating at.

For new industrial or commercial developments we will provide a free customised quote for your specific project needs.

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