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Do you need a comprehensive Height Safety Audit?

Height Safety Audits made easy with Eastern Height Safety as your Melbourne partner

Every year in Australia there are thousands of preventable falls and accidents when people are working at heights.


Staying safe and compliant when working at heights requires a comprehensive height safety audit to identify any potential hazards and provide recommendations for rectifying these issues.


These audits are more detailed than your typical compliance or recertification inspection - which is an annual check of your existing height safety systems to ensure compliance with Australian Standards. 


Understanding the fall risks and hazards via an audit on your elevated areas is essential for your worker safety and is required by law. 


Building owners, facility managers, site managers and employers of any kind have a responsibility to ensure that sites meet legal requirements, with properly installed and certified height safety and fall protection systems in place.


Choosing a qualified, highly-experienced height safety audit partner

Having your buildings undergo a complete height safety audit from qualified, highly-experienced height safety engineers is one step on the path to improving your safety and reducing the risks of a worker suffering a serious injury.


A Melbourne height safety audit by our team encompasses a thorough evaluation of your site, aiming to identify any potential fall hazards and help you and your team implement appropriate safety measures. It includes an examination of existing safety systems to ensure compliance with Australian standards.


Our 5 step height safety audit process

Key components of our Melbourne height safety audit will generally include the following steps, which we can happily discuss with you on the day and answer any questions you have.


1. On-site inspection

A physical and visual assessment of your existing internal and external height safety systems, verifying their compliance to AS/NZS1981, AS1657, and AS/NZS5532 standards.


We use this inspection to pinpoint locations lacking proper height safety or fall protection systems, which are then included in our comprehensive master report. 


2. Recommended rectifications

Suggestions for required or recommended corrective actions, if any issues are found, with a detailed report, images, items and diagrams illustrating compliant and non-compliant systems on your roof, as well as a proposed rectification plan.


This includes Risk Probability and Risk Severity Ratings, helping your team understand potential dangers.













3. Rectification quote & consultation

Our team will quickly put together a custom quote for any necessary rectification work. A follow-up meeting with you and any other team members can also be organised to discuss the audit findings and recommendations.


This will include the most appropriate choice of fall protection solutions such as walkways, guardrails, ladders, hatches, anchor points and static lines.


4. Rectification installation and verification

We will schedule a suitable time to implement the recommendations to ensure you continue to meet Australian Standards.


An inspection of the rectification work will be carried out to guarantee proper installation as per the audit report and compliance standards.


5. Ongoing support and guidance

Eastern Height Safety has partnered with a range of both small and large clients over many years, helping them stay up-to-date with changing height safety requirements and the recertification of their fall protection systems and equipment.


We will provide ongoing communication with you to address any further height safety and fall protection inquiries or needs.

Are you looking for a fast and comprehensive height safety audit?

A professional height safety audit serves as a comprehensive review of your elevated areas and doesn’t have to be a time consuming or expensive exercise.


The good news is that the majority of workplace falls can be easily avoided with proper planning and procedures in place. 


By partnering with Eastern Height Safety you can ensure your roof areas are up to Australian Standards while keeping workers safe and able to perform their job with confidence.

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