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Roof Access Equipment for businesses across Melbourne

Eastern Height Safety are the perfect supplier to help with all your roof access needs. This includes vertical ladder, wall mount ladders, cage ladders and step ladders and stairway access. 


The importance of ladders for your roof access and height safety requirements.

Ladders are a common means of accessing rooftops and elevated areas, and their importance for roof access and safety is critical for Melbourne businesses. There are a number of benefits that ladders can provide for your height safety requirements, which includes: 


Safe Roof Access: Ladders provide a designated and controlled means of access to rooftops and elevated areas. They allow workers and visitors to reach their destinations safely without resorting to ad-hoc or risky methods, such as climbing on equipment or structures.


Versatility: Ladders come in various types, sizes and materials, making them adaptable to different structures and access points. Roof access ladders, caged ladders, extension ladders, and step ladders can be customised to suit your roof dimensions and access needs.  

Compliance with Regulations: It's essential that building managers and owners comply with Australian Industry Standards for the design, development and installation of all Roof Access and Safety Systems (AS/NZS 1891.4). These standards dictate the ladder design, placement, and safety features to ensure compliance and protect your people. ​

All of our ladder products have been designed and manufactured to meet the height safety needs of today's Melbourne businesses. Made with the highest-quality materials and easily configurable, talk to our team today about the best ladder solution for your roof access requirements. 

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