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Walkways & Guard Rails - Height Safety Equipment for businesses across Melbourne

We can professionally install a large range of walkways and guardrails in both aluminium and fibre glass to suit any Industrial, Commercial or Residential project. Call our Eastern Height Safety team today for a Free Quote or Contact Us below with your height safety project needs. 


The importance of precision engineered Walkways and Guardrails for Melbourne businesses

Eastern Height Safety is proud to provide Melbourne commercial industrial and retail businesses with the very latest in Walkway and Guardrail solutions. These versatile, durable and customisable products have a number of benefits, including:


Fall prevention: Walkways and guardrails are primary means of preventing falls from elevated areas such as rooftops, mezzanines, or elevated platforms. Guardrails act as physical barriers that create a protective boundary, reducing the risk of people accidentally stepping off the edge.


Improved movement and accessibility: Walkways provide designated pathways for workers and visitors to move easily and safely across elevated areas. Without proper walkways, individuals may need to navigate uneven surfaces, which can increase the risk of tripping or falling.


Maintaining compliance with industry regulations: Australian industry safety regulations and standards require the professional installation of guardrails and walkways in areas where there is a risk of falling from heights. Our solutions help you to meet these regulations, including regular on-sit inspections.

Our roof access Guardrails and Walkways are manufactured with high-grade aluminium for application on any roof surface, with permanent or fold down options to suit the aesthetic requirements.

If you have any questions regarding our custom designed Walkways and Guardrails for your business, please get in touch with the Eastern Height Safety team today.

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