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Choosing the best height safety system for your workplace


Working at heights is easy with Eastern Height Safety as your Melbourne partner

Staying safe and compliant when working at heights is about finding the right height safety partner for your Melbourne business.


For anyone accessing the roof or elevated areas of the buildings you own or manage, you want to ensure you have the right height safety systems in place that meet Australian Industry Standards. 


More than just a box ticking exercise, these solutions are about minimising the risks to your workers and contractors so they get home safely, while improving access and allowing for regular maintenance to be carried out.


These maintenance services could include typical roof equipment and plants such as:


  • HVAC Units (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and solar panels

  • Rooftop ventilation system, including fans, exhaust fans, and ductwork

  • Electrical equipment including transformers, switchgear and panels

  • Communication equipment including satellite dishes and antennas 

  • Water tanks, roof drainage systems and green spaces / gardens 

  • Roof access points for use in emergencies or by emergency workers


The team at Eastern Height Safety can provide expert guidance on choosing and installing the best height safety system for your needs, with annual audits provided as part of our all-in-one service. 


We will undertake an extensive investigation into your elevated areas, highlighting access and egress points and potential hazards that you may not be aware of.


The majority of accidents in Australia occur when your workers are moving to and from their work positions, so it’s essential that you have permanent safety measures in place to help reduce the likelihood of a fall or accident.












Choosing the best height safety system for your roof areas

Depending on your specific requirements and budget, we can help you decide between a fall prevention, fall restraint or fall arrest system.


While all three offer different levels of fall protection - from the highest level that prevents falls and requires minimal personnel training and protective equipment to the lowest level where the system will only reduce the impact of a fall - we can carry out the complete installation and certification for your job.


From new industrial, residential and retail constructions to existing factories, warehouses and commercial sites, Eastern Height Safety are here to help.


We partner with a range of building owners, facility managers and construction companies across Melbourne, providing the very latest in height safety systems.


As a Sayfa Approved Installer using the very best equipment, you can have complete confidence in the design, installation and ongoing protection of our height safety systems.

To learn more about our height safety systems and to discuss your needs, please get in touch with

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A recent installation to improve solar panel access in Derrimut

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